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About Us

The Ramona Home Journal and Julian Home Journal were established in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Up until 2020 both publications competed for news stories in the communities of Ramona and Julian with the local newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune affiliated Ramona Sentinel.


In March of 2020 the business was purchased by Michael Raher, a 20 year Ramona resident and publishing industry veteran. Within two weeks of purchasing the business the pandemic hit and a new opportunity presented itself. While the local, regional and national media focused on the doom and gloom of Covid-19 deaths and business shutdowns, Raher turned both Journal publications into a beacon of light for the communities of Ramona and Julian. He highlighted people who were going above and beyond serving their respective communities, shared information on what businesses were open, who had reduced hours and what restaurants had no contact pickups and deliveries.


The new mission became "to shine light on all that is good in the Ramona, Julian and backcountry communities - from the people to the places, from the nonprofits to the small businesses, from the stellar students to the star athletes...and everything in between." 


He also made a pledge to give away 10% of the advertising revenue to local nonprofits in the form of free advertising.

During this time Raher served as the Secretary for the Ramona Chamber of Commerce and President of the Julian Chamber of Commerce.


Fast forward to 2024 and Raher's company, Journal Publications (publisher's of the Ramona Home Journal, Julian Home Journal, Guide to Ramona and Guide to Julian), has won the Business Excellence Award from the Julian Chamber of Commerce for 2021 and 2022, nominated for Business of the Year 2021 and winner of Business of the Year 2022 from the Ramona Chamber of Commerce and received a Proclamation from Supervisor Joel Anderson honoring "Michael Raher Day" on March 10th each year.


Raher makes a point of hiring local employees only, and paying them "down the hill" salaries, as well as utilizing Ramona and Julian freelance writers or writers with existing or previous ties to the area. 


Community publishing is a labor of love for Raher and he believes he has been put on this earth to provide good news to the communities he serves.

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